Wondering Viking was a brain child of mine for years. Initially it had no name, no structure and possibly no idea. Then a different name (wojour). With time and nourished by experience that first idea grew into a vision which continues to progress and grow.

It was through the lens of a camera I started to discover my surroundings well over three decades ago. Sometimes pen was put to paper and now the two has merged. The road was by no means straight and detoured into Civil Engineering, Mine clearing in Lebanon, Weapons of Mass Destruction in Saddam’s Iraq and Chemical Weapons across the globe. These detours have afforded a wider world view, insight to complexities and definitively taken me well off the beaten path.

Many a writing guides suggest to “write for one self” as it will be best so. A quick look in the mirror reveals a man with wrinkles and a few grey disguised in the blond tufts on top. The passport states a few years beyond the big 5-0 and has been stamped in many European and Middle Eastern countries as well as Russia, China, Indonesia, New Zealand and USA. A half-life as an expat my home has been wherever my stuff was, being it New York, Baghdad or The Hague my base for the last 20 years.

After decades the explorations are still fuelled by the same curiosity of the mind, thirst for understanding and wonderment of the world around. If you like I am active, curious, open minded and believe that travel is the best education there is, this is for you.

Happy travels,

Henry Arvidsson

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